Andrew Benintendi 
Final Vote Campaign 2018
Appropriate Vote Benny avatar and cover photos were made at the start of the campaign.
With the initial announcement of the Final Vote, a series of social graphics were created
and sent out over our social channels.
A variety of memes, both graphics and animations, were made for our social channels.
They led to great interactions and feedback from our fans during the campaign.
Following day 1, MLB provided us with an update in the polls. In response, we created
a second round of graphics to keep encouraging voting.
Productions pitched in as well with the some great videos we were able to share!
With the help of media relations, we were also able to put together a series of stat graphics
showcasing how deserving Benny was of an All-Star nod.
With the help of facilities, we were able to update our art wall in time for the campaign,
with appropriate Vote Benny messaging.
On the field and scoreboard, we were able to relay the Vote Benny messaging as well!
A custom "Vote Benny" Snapchat filter was created and available for use throughout the games.
Posters were created and distributed to our fans during both games when the Final Vote ran.
In a similar design to the posters, t-shirts were also made and distributed to our players and coaches. They all proudly wore them throughout BP in support of Benny.
And finally, perhaps our biggest hit amongst the players and fans was our Benny Big Heads.
One even made a cameo on a NESN postgame interview thanks to campaign manager, Brock Holt.
Although we fell a bit short in our campaign, we were still able to get some great content and interactions from our players and the great fans of Red Sox Nation. 
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